Meet the Staff

Meet the Central Office and Administrative Staff

The central office and administrative staff provide leadership, oversight and day-to-day administrative support for the Office of Residence Life.

Meet the Residential Staff

Our residence directors and assistant residence directors work in collaboration with one another to oversee the daily operations, as well as the educational and community-building programs within their halls. Residence directors have earned master’s degrees and have previous experience working in student affairs.  Assistant residence directors have earned bachelor’s degrees and many are attending graduate school part-time.

Meet the Graduate Assistants

The Office of Residence Life is pleased to welcome graduate assistants to the staff each year.  Our graduate assistants are current students completing master’s degrees and have an interest in pursuing careers in higher education.

Meet the Resident Advisors

Resident advisors (RAs) are an integral part of the Residence Life staff!  Resident advisors live on each floor of the residence halls and serve as a primary resource for the residents on their floor.  They are current students who promote community among their residents, organize programs, and provide support to help their residents.

Office of Residence Life - Syracuse University

Senior Staff Placement 2018:

Area A - Karess Gillespie, AD

Lawrinson Hall: 

RD: Chris Clenenden       

ARD: Ammar Asbahi   


Sadler Hall: 

RD: Quincy Bufkin           

ARD: Hillary George

FYE GA: Courtney Cabansag     


Shaw/Lyons Halls:                                                                                                                                    

RD: Kirby Gibson                                                                                                                        

ARD: Rob Terreri                                                                                                       

GA: Darlene Le   

Area B- George Athens, AD             

BBB Complex: 

RD: Rachael Lovato

ARD: Matt grutza

GA: Mario Cruz 


Day Hall:

RD: Steven Contreras

ARD: Kaili Soisson

ARD: Vacant


Flint Hall:

RD: Wendy Martinez

ARD: Jason Wojtylko

FYE GA: Shane Nelson

Area C- Courtney Bazan Colvin, AD

BKM Complex:

RD:Liz Odermatt

ARD: Jovan Rodriguez-Lopez


DellPlain Hall:

Interim RD: Adam Wallander

ARD: Vacant


Ernie Davis Hall:

Interim RD: Natalie Torres

GA Leadership: Marq Houston


H2W Complex:

RD: Melissa Alexander

ARD: Kaylee Bloom


Watson & Sheraton Halls: 

RD: Coutney Albiker

ARD: Vacant

South Campus- TBD, AD


RD: Steven Shaw

ARD: Aqiyla-Kumar Moody


South Campus Apartments:

RD: Jasen Nieves-Herrera

ARD: Armando Martinez

ARD: Robert Pugh 

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