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Resident Advisor Application Process

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The RA Position

General Information

  • There are 177 RA positions across campus during the academic year. This includes the 52 Learning Community Resident Advisors and 12 Mentor Resident Advisors.
  • RA positions are available on North Campus and South Campus for the academic year.
  • Summer RA positions include - SSUI, Summer Start, and Summer College.  
  • The academic year RA remuneration includes room and board (housing and meal plan) valued at a total of $8,115.00 a semester.  If you are a Learning Community RA or Mentor RA, there is the opportunity to earn additional compensation.  
  • In addition to room and board (housing and meal plan), Summer RAs have the opportunity to earn $9.25 an hour for up to 26 hours per week.
  • All candidates interested in participating in the RA recruitment process, may not have an active disciplinary status at the time of application and/or time of employment.