The No Place for Hate Campaign

The No Place for Hate Campaign

“No Place for Hate” is a campaign, created by the Office of Residence Life, aimed at raising student awareness around issues of discrimination and bias, and educating students on our appreciation and acceptance of diversity and multiculturalism at Syracuse University. This campaign is our attempt to say to students that Syracuse University and the Office of Residence Life are about creating experiences for students that allow for holistic development, growth, and maturity into a global citizen who is able to function at the university and beyond.

It is our attempt to avoid the isolating of any students based on difference, and to create a climate and a community that embraces a respect for all differences, whatever they might be. While we do not expect that the campaign alone will open up minds, we do believe that a campaign of this nature and magnitude will spark dialogue, interaction, and perspective-taking, thus creating safe environments for all of our students.


STOP Bias is an educational campaign dedicated to preventing acts of bias on the SU campus.

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