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FAQ opener

1. Where is South Campus located?

It is located about 15 minutes south of main campus. You can get there and back by taking the 344 South Campus bus.

2. Are there food centers and study spaces available on South Campus?

Yes, there is a dining hall and a market located in Goldstein student center. However, only Skyhall residents can use their meal swipes, but all other South Campus residents may use their Supercard. There is also a computer center on the lower level of Goldstein and a quiet study space on the upper level. There is another study space located in the Slocum Heights Community Center, which can be found at 301 Slocum Heights Drive.

3. Are there only apartments on South Campus?

No, there is a resident hall, Skyhall I, II and III, that students can live in, if they choose.

4. Can there be more than two students to an apartment?

Yes, the maximum number of beds available in an apartment is three people in Lambreth, in limited quantities, and two in all of the other communities.

5. Are there singles available on South Campus?

Yes, single apartments are only available in the Slocum Heights community.

6. Are there RA's on South Campus?

Skyhall residents have RA's, but apartment residents only have ARD's, Assistant Resident Directors. South Campus apartments are independent living experiences.

7. How does mailing and laundry work?

For mailing, the university provides you with a mailbox near apartment or in your residency hall. If you live in Skyhall, you get a code to your mailbox. If you live in an apartment, you get a mailbox key. For laundry, there are washing machines and driers in Goldstein student center as well as in each Slocum Heights apartment building, for Slocum Heights residents.

8. Is there recycling on South Campus?

Yes, there are recycling bins and dumpster in each of the seven communities on South Campus. If you do not abide by the garbage rules and regulations, fines will be applied to both you and the residents in your apartment building.

9. What happens when it snows on South Campus?

The university provides plow rounds, however you are encouraged to bring shovels in the event that they do not get to your side walk due to them plowing the streets. For students who do not have shovels, they can request shovels from Fixit.

10. How can I get involved on South Campus?

You can join the S.C.O.P.E. team (South Campus Organization for Programming Excellence). S.C.O.P.E. provides diverse, cultural, educational, recreational and community service oriented programming for the residents of South Campus, with the goal of enhancing the living experience on South Campus.

11. Can males and females live together?

Yes, South Campus provides gender inclusive housing in only two person apartments.

If you have any further questions, you can email the ORL office at