Community Standards

Here's what South Campus residents want for their neighborhoods

South Campus Community Standards developed by your friends and neighbors living here on South Campus. 

South Campus Apartments Community Standards

  • Dispose of all garbage inside the dumpsters and recycling bins
  • Recycle
  • Obey all traffic laws (do not speed; stop completely at all stop signs; etc.)
  • Be mindful of noise levels and observe courtesy hours
  • Do not slam doors
  • Be friendly (say hello; introduce yourself; smile)
  • Lock apartment doors even when home
  • Be respectful of others and their belongings
  • Report suspicious individuals and activities to DPS
  • Communicate concerns to neighbors
  • Inform neighbors when having larger gatherings/parties
  • Utilize vent fans when cooking to avoid setting off smoke alarms
  • Take responsibility for guests and their actions
  • Be considerate when doing laundry (remove clothes promptly after washing/drying cycles; clean up messes, etc.)
  • Have fun

South Campus Apartment Trash Complaint Process

Assistant Residence DIrector, Robert Pugh can assist you.
You can contact him via email
or submit a complaint via our form

Slocum Heights


Syracuse University South Campus

Welcome to YOUR South Campus Apartments

winding ridge apartment

South Campus at Syracuse University is home to over 2,400 students living in apartment style housing. While there are six unique neighborhoods for the apartments, they are split into two groups in regards to layout and location.

Chinook Dr., Farm Acre Rd., Lambreth Ln., Small Rd., and Winding Ridge Rd. are collectively called "Skytop Apartments" and consist of two and three bedroom layouts. Click here for layout specifics.

Slocum Heights consist of one or two bedroom apartments and their layouts can be found here.

The apartments on South Campus are managed through a collective effort of the the Office of Residence Life and the Housing, meal Plan and ID Cards Services Office- South Campus. General assistance is available in 206 Goldstein Student Center, and questions about apartment assignments, lockouts/keys and mail can be addressed in 210 Goldstein Student Center.

Questions? Please email

Welcome to your South Campus Apartment!

Looking for Space to Host Your Own Event?

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Reserve the Slocum Heights Community Center in 301 Slocum Heights!

Please download the PDF and follow the instructions.

Email completed document with your email on document.

South Campus Bus Information

bus schedule2.jpg

Listed below are some of the destination signs you may see operating to your bus stop on South Campus and an explanation of where they go.  

  • “344-South Campus” - operates the South Campus route as far as College Place   “244-Slocum Heights” – operates as far as College Place  
  • “444-Small Road” – operates as far as College Place  
  • “44-Manley” – operates as far as College Place  
  • “#43 Waverly Avenue” – operates to College Place, then continues down Sims Drive past Archbold Gym and the Carrier Dome
    • The #43 Waverly Avenue bus then operates on Irving Avenue to Waverly Avenue and will get you close to Whitman School of Management and Newhouse.
  • “#443-Connective Corridor” – operates to College Place, then continues down Sims Drive past Archbold Gym and the Carrier Dome.
    •  The #443 then operates on Irving Avenue to Syracuse Stage and then on to the Warehouse


Register Your Guest

Subject to prior discussion with, and the express approval of all roommates, a student may host an overnight guest. In the interests of the rights of roommates other residents, there are limits to the duration and frequency of such visits. Further the resident host is responsible for the behavior of their guest. Please read the Office of Residence Life Guest Policy thoroughly before registering your guest.

Register Your Guest Here

Noise Complaint Process


South Campus Apartment Noise Complaint Process

Experiencing issues with noise on South Campus?
Residence Director,  Jasen Herrera wants to assist you.
Call him with information regarding your concern at 315-443-3893 #1.
He will respond to your concern within 24 business hours.
For immediate assistance, please call the Department of Public Safety at 315-443-2224.


#BeWise - The Be Wise Campaign

The BE Wise campaign strives to generate awareness of alcohol poisoning, how to avoid it, its signs, and how to respond to it.

Chinook Drive


Goldstein Student Center