Looking for Social Media and Graphic Design Interns

Living on South Campus next Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 and an expert in Social Media? We have a great opportunity for you!

We are currently recruiting for interns for The South Campus Series for Fall 2016 - Spring 2017.
Applications are DUE by Friday, April 22nd no later than 5:00 PM.

You may download the attached application and fill it out as a PDF or hard copy. If electronically submitted it can be sent to Aqiyla Moody: aqmoody@syr.edu or dropped off at 206 Goldstein Student Center. 

See attached Application here.

South Campus Apartment Trash Complaint Process

Assistant Residence DIrector, Arlene Theodore can assist you.
You can contact her via email at: atheod01@syr.edu
or submit a complaint via our form

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#BeWise - The Be Wise Campaign

The BE Wise campaign strives to generate awareness of alcohol poisoning, how to avoid it, its signs, and how to respond to it.



1.)     "In the 1920's Syracuse University football had a four-footed mascot, Vita the Goat". 
Just Imagine... "The Syracuse Goats"
YIKES!!!!! #GratefulForOtto 


2.)      "Syracuse University's first colors, in 1872, were "pink and pea green," but then a year later became "rose pink and azure blue." SU's color finally was changed to orange in 1890".


STOP Bias is an educational campaign dedicated to preventing acts of bias on the SU campus.

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Know the Residential Policies

The Office of Residence's Lifes Residential Policices reflect the rights and responsibilities of all Syracuse University SUNY-ESF residential students. Violation of these policies will result in meeting with the Residence Life staff and/or the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and may result in an educational and/or disciplinary sanction.

CLICK HERE to view these policies.


A great community to be a part of!

Hello and Welcome to the South Campus Community!

orange slice

This is our very own website where we can keep all of south campus' residents informed and involved.

This site will be updated with all great information that will be both important for you as a south campus community member, but also imprtant for you to have fun and enjoy living on south. 

Have fun exploring our site and if you ever have any further questions please don't hesitate to call the Office of Residential Life (ORL): 315-443-3637 or email ORL at: orl@syr.edu

Come One, Come All


Registration can be done through this link as well!



All information can be found via the Facebook page:

No exCuse 5k and Wellness Fair


purple is the new black


Check out the all of the bus schedules for South Campus! 

Click HERE for all centro bus routes and schedules.

                  433 School Bus               bus stop                    

                          #433 Connective Corridor                     #45 Destiny USA

Goldstein Student Center's Spring 2016 Hours

gsc spr 16 hours

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Here's a few reminders


South Campus Apartments' Living Agreement

Living Agreement

Welcome to your South Campus Apartment! As you settle into your apartment, there is a lot to think about. Who is going to take out the trash? Are you sharing food with your apartmentmates? What about buying food and toilet paper? Who is cleaning the bathroom?

In order to help you through questions like these, the South Campus Office of Residence Life has developed an Apartment Living Agreement. Find the form here.


Weather for The Coming Week

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Upcoming Events!

February 4th

March 3rd

April 7th

Be creative, make it happen, decorate decorate decorate!    


Learn fun DIY (do it yourself) tricks for your apartment and more!


8:00pm - 9:30 pm 

Sloccum Heights Community Center

February 12th






Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm 

Location: Goldstein Student Center Atrium 

March 4th

Food, performance, various languages!


Enjoy a night of multiculture as you eat, watch performances and speak and hear beautiful languages from around the world.night of languages


Time: TBA

Location: Skybarn (South Campus)

April 9th

casino night = fun night 


Have a great night of fun, laughter, and gambling ;) 
casino night


Time: TBA

Location: Goldstein Auditorium


Follow our new mascot Lil'O around South Campus!



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South Campus Apartment Noise Complaint Process

Experiencing issues with noise on South Campus?
Assistant Residence Director, Aqiyla Moody wants to assist you.
Call her with information regarding your concern at 315-443-3893 #1.
She will respond to your concern within 24 business hours.
For immediate assistance, please call the Department of Public Safety at 315-443-2224.


Register Your Guest

Subject to prior discussion with, and the express approval of all roommates, a student may host an overnight guest. In the interests of the rights of roommates other residents, there are limits to the duration and frequency of such visits. Further the resident host is responsible for the behavior of their guest. Please read the Office of Residence Life Guest Policy thoroughly before registering your guest.

Register Your Guest Here