South Campus Apartment Trash Complaint Process

Experiencing Trash Issues on South Campus
Assitant Residence DIrector, Kyle Delaney can assist you.
You can contact her via email at:
or submit a complaint via our form


The Office of Residence Life's Community Committee brings you W.O.W. - "Wear Orange Wednesday!"

Wear your favorite orange gear in support of the SU community every Wednesday this semester. The WOW campaign will feature different themed challenges each month, all featuring an opportunity for SU students to show us how you WOW!


#BeWise - The Be Wise Campaign

The BE Wise campaign strives to generate awareness of alcohol poisoning, how to avoid it, its signs, and how to respond to it.


STOP Bias is an educational campaign dedicated to preventing acts of bias on the SU campus.

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Winter Break

Ready for winter break?? Check out this list of things you should do before you leave:

1. Close and lock all of your windows and doors before leaving. If you are on the first floor, close your window shades, otherwise, please keep them open.

2. Unplug personal electric appliances

3. Take out your garbage and recycle and clean out your refrigerator.

4. Turn all your lights out.

5. Vacuum your floors.

6. Remove holiday decorations.

7. If you're leaving your car on campus, park it safely under a street lamp and lock your doors.

8. Have a safe trip home :)

Those of you who are not coming back next semester, be sure to double check to make sure you have all of your belongings, bring all of your keys back to the office in Goldstein and take any expected mail or packages, or forward them to your new address.

winter break


South Campus Bus Schedule

Check out the bus schedule for South Campus! Click HERE or follow the link below:

South Campus Bus Schedules

South Campus Apartments' Living Agreement

Living Agreement

Welcome to your South Campus Apartment! As you settle into your apartment, there is a lot to think about. Who is going to take out the trash? Are you sharing food with your apartmentmates? What about buying food and toilet paper? Who is cleaning the bathroom?

In order to help you through questions like these, the South Campus Office of Residence Life has developed an Apartment Living Agreement. Find the form here.

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Know the Residential Policies

The Office of Residence's Lifes Residential Policices reflect the rights and responsibilities of all Syracuse University SUNY-ESF residential students. Violation of these policies will result in meeting with the Residence Life staff and/or the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and may result in an educational and/or disciplinary sanction.

CLICK HERE to view these policies.

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South Campus Apartment Noise Complaint Process

Experiencing issues with noise on South Campus?
Assistant Residence Director, Erica Moorer wants to assist you.
Call her with information regarding your concern at 315-443-3893 #1.
She will respond to your concern within 24 business hours.
For immediate assistance, please call the Department of Public Safety at 315-443-2224.


Register Your Guest

Subject to prior discussion with, and the express approval of all roommates, a student may host an overnight guest. In the interests of the rights of roommates other residents, there are limits to the duration and frequency of such visits. Further the resident host is responsible for the behavior of their guest. Please read the Office of Residence Life Guest Policy thoroughly before registering your guest.

Register Your Guest Here