Guest Registration

Office of Residence Life Policy on Overnight Guests

Subject to prior discussion with, and the express approval of all roommates/suitemates, a student may host an overnight guest (an individual whom stays in the room overnight). In the interests of the rights of roommates, suitemates, and other residents, there are limits to the duration and frequency of such visits. Further, as always, the resident “host” is responsible for the behavior of their guest.

The following conditions and procedures apply to the hosting of overnight guests:

  1. A resident may host an overnight guest in student housing with the prior consent of all roommates/suitemates.
  2. No overnight guest will be allowed to stay for more than three (3) consecutive nights.
  3. A resident may not have overnight guests more than six (6) nights in any given calendar month.
  4. No individual overnight guest may be hosted in University housing more than six (6) nights total in any calendar month.
  5. Except with prior approval of all roommates/suitemates, and approval by the Office of Residence Life, no resident may host more than two (2) overnight guests at one time.
  6. To promote overall campus safety and facilitate the entrance and exit of overnight guests from University housing, residents are required to register their non-residential overnight guests with the Office of Residence Life. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to deny a request for a guest pass.

Non-Residential Overnight Guest Registration Policy

All non-residential overnight guests must be registered in advance with the Office of Residence Life. This policy is designed for the safety of residents, guests, and other members of the University community. Failure to register an overnight guest pursuant to this policy will result in a report being filed with the senior staff of the residence hall, or at South Campus, in which the violation takes place. No additional furnishings will be provided to accommodate the presence of guests, nor will any furnishings be removed from a student's room or apartment.

“Non-residential overnight guest” refers to any guest who is a non-student, or an SU student who does not live in University housing.

Acquiring a Guest Pass for Non-Residential Overnight Guests

  1. Requests for overnight guest passes must be made through the web-based guest registration request process, available via this web page - see link above (1) business day in advance of the guest's visit.
  2. Passes for overnight guests will be issued consistent with the Overnight Guest Policy. Guests are required to carry both the guest pass and at least one other form of legal identification (e.g., driver’s license, non-driver’s identification card, etc.) at all times.
  3. The host resident is responsible for meeting his or her guest in the residence hall lobby upon the guest’s arrival and is responsible for the behavior of the guest throughout the visit.

Obtaining a Parking Pass for an Overnight Guest

Requests for overnight parking privileges should be submitted to Parking Services, located in the Skytop Office Building. Please click here to review the rules for obtaining a permit.

Obtaining Wireless Internet Access for an Overnight Guest

Wireless internet access is available for guests with laptops and hand-held devices. Click here for information and instructions.

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