Guest Registration


 Until further notice, guest pass requests will be on hold in response to COVID-19. 


Note: The Office of Student Living will not process any guest pass requests due to the current status of COVID-19. Residents are not allowed to have any outside guest(s) in the residence halls. (i.e. guest from home, guest from other residence halls, guest from off-campus, & etc.) 

However, guest(s) from within your residence hall is permitted with the approval/consent of your roommate(s) (i.e. you live in DellPlain 310 and your guest lives in DellPlain 613). 

When the guest is visiting the room, all parties must wear a mask and abide by social distancing guidelines. Guests cannot exceed room capacity; which is double the room occupancy (i.e. if you live a double, the max amount of individual in the room is 4.)