Request to Stay Late

The Office of Student Living staff can approve students to stay longer than the 24 hours after their last exam, provided a student has a legitimate reason or need to stay (e.g., graduation, need to work, completing internship, sibling graduating, ride leaving later, etc.).  Students must complete a “REQUEST TO STAY LATE” form indicating why they need to stay late. These forms will be due by TBA For Fall 2019 to their respective Main Desk.

Approval and/or denial of these requests is at the discretion of the Residence Director while maintaining a reasonable threshold for such decisions. Residence Hall Staff should notify the resident no later than TBA, whether the request has been approved or not.

Please download and fill out the form using the link below. 

Request to Stay Late Form

 *This form is not ADA compliant. For assistance filling out this form please contact 315-443-3637.