South Campus FAQ

Where can I send out mail?

There are mail boxes around Slocum Heights, behind the bus stop on College Place, in Schine student center or you can go to the Post Office in Marshall Square Mall. When sending out mail, if you are unsure how to write your address, here is the format:

First name, Last name
Building number, street name, apt number
Syracuse, NY 13244

What are common forbidden items in the apartments?

Students are not allowed to have any pets except fish, alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia, illegal drugs and candles. 

Where can I find my mail?

There are mail boxes around everyone's building with your apartment building and number.

Where do I take out my garbage?

There are several garbage and recycling bins around the apartment buildings. If there is garbage laying around an apartment building, everybody in the building will be fined.

Where can I find the bus schedule?

The bus schedule can be found here at Centro's website.

Who can I contact for specific questions?

You can email the Office of Student Living at