Parent and Family FAQs

Whether your student is moving away from home for the first time or is returning to campus for a second, third or even a fourth year there are always questions!  We hope that this page can provide some of the answers that your seeking, but if not, please feel free to contact us. 

My student is having problems with their roommate? What can I do?

This is one of the most stressful scenarios for both students and their families.  Though it can be tempting to want to step in, we strongly encourage you to help your student confront the issue on their own.  There are many resources available to students to help them mediate conflict with their roommate.

The first step for students is to talk with the resident advisor (RA) on their floor.  Our RAs are trained in conflict mediation and will help your student come up with a plan to handle the conflict that works for them.  This can include revisiting the Living Agreement that each roommate pair or group fills out at the beginning of each year, having a mediation meeting between the roommates, or scheduling an appointment with the assistant residence director or residence director. 

Sharing space with someone else can be challenging at times, but with open and honest communication between roommates, it can be one of the most fun and memorable experiences in your student's life!

I want my student to get a room change. What do I do?

This is a process in which your student should take the lead.  With over 8,000 students living on campus, space is often very limited to move, but we understand that at times students may want to look into being placed in a different space.  If they are interested in changing rooms within their residence hall, they should schedule an appointment to talk to their Assistant Residence Director.  They can work together on an individual, and space-available basis to facilitate this process.  In the beginning of the academic year, it is important to note that there are no room changes prior to October 1st.  At that time, a waitlist will open up for moves to occur within the building.  The waitlist process is also conducted on an individual and space-available basis.

If a student would like to change rooms between buildings, they need to be in touch with the Housing, Meal Plan and ID Card Services office.  This is also done on a space-available basis and usually involves being placed on a waitlist.  There are no guarantees that a student will be placed in their first choice location.  It is also important to note that room charges vary by room type, and changing to a different room type may result in a change to the amount charged to a student's Bursar account.

What should we bring to campus? What should we leave at home?
For more information on what students should bring with them to campus, check out this list from the Office of First Year and Transfer Programs!

I sent my student a package...why haven't they received it yet?!

Our residence hall main desks receive a large volume of packages for residents every day and our desk staffares trained to accept, log and distribute packages in an efficient and timely manner.  At times, even if you have a confirmation that something was delivered, it has arrived at the local post office but has not yet reached the main desk, if that is the case, it is usually delivered within a day.

Once the package arrives at the main desk, our main desk assistants need to log each package and will fill out a slip that is distributed to the resident's mailbox.  Residents may bring their package slips to the main desk between 4 and 8 pm each day to pick up their packages.  

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