Policies to Know


What you need to know when your student is living in a residence hall

Students living in the residence halls are subject to The Terms and Conditions of Housing as well as the Office of Residence Life's Departmental Standards.  All Syracuse University students are also held to the Code of Student Conduct.

This sounds overwhelming, but we have highlighted a few policies to know and understand while your students are living with us.

Personal Information

The Office of Residence Life Staff will not give out personal information of any kind about our residents over the phone or in person.  This includes room number, cell phone number and other identifying information.

Signing Out Spare Keys

The ORL staff will not give a spare key for a room to anyone but the residents of that room.  Parents or families may not check out a key from a main desk in order to move a student in or out of a room or to wait in the room for a student to return to the hall.  Residents must follow all guest policy procedures for family and friend visitors.

Package Hours

Main desk package pick-up hours are from 4-8 pm each day and students must have their SUID card and package slip with them to pick up their package.

Returning Packages

Packages that are not claimed by the student within 7 days will be returned to sender.

Mail and Packages During Breaks

When the residence halls are closed over winter break, we do not accept mail or packages.  Mail will typically start again on the day the halls reopen.  Over the summer break mail will be forwarded to the address we have on file for students unless they follow the directions they are given prior to moving out to change that address.

Opening and Check-In

For Fall Opening and orientation dates click here.  Returning students MAY NOT move in early without prior approval from a sponsoring university office, department or student group.  Any returning student looking to move in without prior approval will be asked to leave and return during their scheduled move in time. Also note that returning students that DO have prior approval may NOT move in during assisted move-in time for first-year students. 


Students must move-out of their residence hall within 24 hours of the completion of their last final exam.  If students would like to stay late they must fill out a request to stay late form and return it to their Main Desk.  Students may not stay beyond 24 hours of their last exam without prior approval from their residence director or assistant residence director.  Any students remaining on the day that the hall closes must vacate the premises as early as possible, but may not stay in the halls past 12 pm. 

Storage and Moving Companies

Currently, LazyBones is the only storage company allowed within the residence halls for the pick up/drop off of student belongings.  Outside moving and storage companies may not enter any residence hall or apartment.  Visit the LazyBones website for more information on their services.