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STOP Bias is an educational campaign dedicated to preventing acts of bias on the SU campus.

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Join Community Council!


Join Community Council!

Booth, Kimmel & Marion Halls:  Best Known Movement

Advisor: April Jenkins,

Brewster, Boland & Brockway Halls: BBB Community Council

Advisor: Tyler Alvarado, 

Day Hall: DAYmocracy

Advisor: Victor Murphy,

DellPlain Hall: DellPlain Community Council

Advisor: TBD

Ernie Davis Hall: 44 Forever Community Council

Advisor: Rachel Kline,

Flint Hall: Flint Hall Community Council

Advisor: Madison Tuller,

Haven, Walnut & Washington Arms Halls: H2W Community Council

Advisor: TBD

Lawrinson Hall: Lawrinson Hall Community Council

Advisor: Ammar Asbahi,

Sadler Hall: Saddle Up! Community Council

Advisor: Lammi Adem,

Shaw & Lyons Halls: SNL: Shaw and Lyons Community Council

Advisor: Noelle Krisch,

SkyHalls: Skyhall Senate

Advisor: Maggie Moore,

Watson Hall and The Sheraton: Watson Squad Community Council

Advisor: Rob Terreri,